Animal Architects

When it comes to making homes, some animals are amazing builders, designers and engineers! During this program, we will take a close look at the architecture of Canada’s animals. We’ll also make some homes and shelters that will make back yards more attractive to our wild neighbours.

White Faced Hornets make large paper nests, filled with rows of cells where young hornets grow.
Beavers are the world’s second largest rodents. With their ever-growing and self-sharpening teeth, they cut trees for food and to build dams and lodges.
Paper Wasps build open nests. Each cell is a paper nursery for a young wasp.
Goldenrod Gall Flies grow up in a swelling in a goldenrod plant (called a Goldenrod Ball Gall), emerging in spring through a small hole.
Robins grow up in nests made of grass and mud, shaped and woven by just using their beaks.
Toads are great for backyard and garden pest control. We’ll make garden shelters called toad-abodes to give them shelter and shade.
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