School Programs

These school programs are curriculum-based. The focus is on being outside; a naturalised part of a schoolyard or a nearby natural area is an asset. Dan will bring in educational nature artefacts related to the curriculum theme, including safe and exciting creature teachers. Hands-on and active outdoor exploration will be an important (and fun!) part of the program. Any of the community programs (see community program page) can also be done with school classes.

What Living Things Need

This program is designed for the grade one curriculum. Students will learn what plants and animals need to survive in the natural world.

Amazing Animals!

This program is designed for the grade two curriculum. Kids have such a natural attraction to and curiosity about animals, and love to learn about them. Meeting creature teachers is combined with outdoor exploration and activities.

A high five from Charlotte, an exciting, safe and friendly creature teacher!

Our Green Home: Plants and Soil

This program is designed for the grade three curriculum. We’ll learn how plants grow and what they need, how their seeds go on amazing voyages, and take an in-depth look at dirt (aka soil)!

Habitat Exploration

Finding out what plants and animals live in habitats is so much fun! This is geared to the grade four curriculum. We’ll find out what living things need in their habitats and discover animal homes. We’ll also do an in-depth exploration of at least one habitat.

Left: Sweep netting for insects and other invertebrates is a terrific way to explore a meadow habitat. Right: Face to face with a female praying mantis.

Biodiversity: Beauty and Strength

This program is designed for the grade six curriculum. Students will learn why diversity is so important. We’ll do an in-depth exploration of the nature that surrounds us, searching for different species of plants, animals and other living things. We’ll explore how humans have threatened biodiversity, and students will learn how they can do things that help wildlife survive.

This biodiverse meadow has many species of plants which support many species of animals.

Interactions in Ecosystems

This program is designed for the grade seven curriculum. Food chains, webs and pyramids: Students will learn discover how living things are connected in the natural world. One option is to play the active and educational simulation game called Instincts for Survival (also called Predator-Prey), in which kids role-play animals in an ecosystem.

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