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the Wood Frog Eggs Hatched!

After a rather cold three weeks, the Wood Frog eggs have finally hatched! The tiny tadpoles look overstuffed, since they have some leftover yolk in their bodies which means they don’t need to eat for the first few days after hatching. Being a tadpole… Continue Reading “the Wood Frog Eggs Hatched!”

Backyard worms

Digging in the backyard garden or flowerbed, you can’t help but unearth a few worms in spring. A closer look reveals that their body is made of sections or segments. Earthworms are are in the phylum (group) Annelida, or segmented worms. Leeches are also… Continue Reading “Backyard worms”

The first wildflowers of spring?

Around our home the biggest trees are Silver Maples. They are beautiful, with silvery-backed leaves that becomes so colourful in fall, and I’ve even tapped their sap for maple syrup. Their sap only has half the sugar content as sap from sugar maples, so… Continue Reading “The first wildflowers of spring?”

Fleeting beauty

It’s early spring in a forest in southern Ontario. Since most of our trees are deciduous, there’s a lot of light hitting the forest floor, and it’s still a month or more until maple, beech, cherry and a few other species spread their leafy… Continue Reading “Fleeting beauty”

Signs of spring

I went for a walk around my yard today and saw so many incredible signs of this amazing season! Here are some of them. The chipmunks in our back yard are great signs of spring. They are ground squirrels, and are true hibernators. They… Continue Reading “Signs of spring”

Peepers and cluckers

I love the swamp that is close to our house. It’s got cool shrubs, like dogwoods, and trees like silver maples, that grow right out of the water. And it’s home to so many animals! We see turtles, dragonflies, ducks, fireflies at its edge,… Continue Reading “Peepers and cluckers”

The first butterflies of spring

It’s late March. Daffodils are just poking up, and the delightful songs of spring peeper frogs have just begun. I love this time of year. Everything seems to be unfolding as it should as I wander into our back yard. Suddenly, out of the… Continue Reading “The first butterflies of spring”

Yellowstone Adventure

Yellowstone National Park is sometimes referred to as America’s Serengeti.